Kirk does a karate/judo chop.Fight music plays.Kirk's shirt gets torn.A phaser is used to heat rocks.Scene shot at Vasquez Rocks.
Love music plays.Time travel.McCoy and Spock argue.Spock gives the Vulcan nerve pinch."Red Alert".
Super powerful alien race.Transporter malfunction.STAR TREK - THE ORIGINAL SERIES BINGO
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McCoy says "He's dead Jim".Band of light over Kirk's eyes.
Spock raises his eyebrow.Spock performs a mind meld.The bridge lurches in an attack.Soft-light closeup on beautiful woman.Spock says "Illogical".
Spock says "Fascinating".Spock says "Logical".Kirk gets in a fist fight.McCoy insults Spock.McCoy says "I'm a doctor, not a ___"
Transporter malfunction.A redshirt gets killed.Kirk gets in a fist fight.A phaser is used to heat rocks.Mystery music plays.
Spock says "Fascinating".Band of light over Kirk's eyes.Soft-light closeup on beautiful woman.Scene shot at Vasquez Rocks.McCoy insults Spock.
Spock gives the Vulcan nerve pinch.Spock says "Vulcans do not ___".STAR TREK - THE ORIGINAL SERIES BINGO
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McCoy and Spock argue.Obvious use of styrofoam.
Spock says "Illogical".Kirk does a karate/judo chop.Prisoner escapes from security.Kirk encourages Scotty to do something faster.Kirk talks a computer into suicide.
"Red Alert".A planet made of rocks, scrub brush.Beads of sweat on Kirk's forehead.McCoy says "I'm a doctor, not a ___"Fight music plays.
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