Hoverbots Of Public SafetySelf Destruct Stopped With Seconds To GoUnnecessary Cleavage ShotBritish People From SpaceEscape Pod
It Was All A Dream (Or Simulation)Wise Old MentorSomeone In An Access HatchAnnoying SidekickRag-Tag Bunch Of Rebels
Jesus AllegoryLong-Winded ExpositionI HAVE A BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS
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Corrupt PoliceMemories Are Altered Or Wiped
Lens FlareAncient Earth Mystery Attributed To AliensHologramAlien With Ridiculous NameExotic Wildlife
Mentor Gets KilledPlanet With A Single ClimateCutting Random WiresSomeone Thrown Out The AirlockHero Gains Conveniently Timed Super Power
"Explain It In English!"Personal VendettaCrappy CGISex At An Inappropriate TimeUnauthorized Medical Experiments
Didn't Check If They Were DeadAlien With Ridiculous NameDeus Ex-MachinaTime TravelPhasers Set To Stun
Sudden BetrayalCannon FodderI HAVE A BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS
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Hero With A Tortured Back StoryVillain Has Magic Powers
Evil Corporate EntitySpace FascistsHologramLong-Winded ExpositionHoverbots Of Public Safety
Annoying SidekickSelf-Aware Robots Or ComputersFemale Shows Her MidriffEscape PodAncient Earth Mystery Attributed To Aliens
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