"You might be right"Translates percentages into fractionsEncourages people to "take a step back""Why don't you summarize again for everyone else?"Nods while pretending to take notes
"I used to think that, too.""Sorry, I was multitasking.""You did a great job on that, X."
Showing their in the position to judge and condescend.
Asks the presenter to go back a slide"I can see why you might think that."
"Let's just get to the bottom line.""Will this scale?"PEOPLE TRYING TO LOOK SMART IN MEETINGS BINGO
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Paces around the room"How can we productize this?
"Well, thease are the facts.""I don't need the details.""Please get back to us on this"
Making someone else do the work and report back.
Steps out for a phone call"What are the 'next steps'?"
"At the end of the day...""I'm a bit of a visionary"Repeats what someone else said, but very slowly"I think what X is trying to say is...""Let's put a stake in the ground"
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