AfghanistanTouch baseUnprecedentedElectionEducation
BenchmarkLook2008 BARACK OBAMA BINGO
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InheritedFannie / Freddie
Main StreetAmerican[s]InfrastructurePrevious AdministrationBack from the brink
Fiscal restraintLoophole[s]ReformCrisisTaxes / Taxpayers / Tax Plan
Empower (or empowerment)$250,000Win-winSecurityEconomy / Economic
At the end of the dayOptimistic / OptimisimEarmarkAmerican[s]Main Street
InfrastructureAfghanistan2008 BARACK OBAMA BINGO
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MortgageEducationBenchmarkSpread the wealthWar
CrisisSigns of recoveryTaxes / Taxpayers / Tax PlanReformLook
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