Hits a woman then kisses herDoes something insignificant in slow motionWorks out but not in a gymDisobeys the rulesEats fruit aggressively
Takes a kick and spits bloodHas a suspect accentHolds a gun sidewaysKnocks someone out with one punchTakes off his shirt
Glares at an ethnic minorityIs an outcastJASON STATHAM CLICHE BINGO
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Does a one leg fly kickFramed for a crime he didn't commit
Mocks a man's sexualityWalks calmly from an explosionTakes a punch and spits bloodHas furious sex in a public placeCauses an explosion with his fists
Has a dark past he's trying to escapeWears a suit to a fightDies then comes back to lifeSays something in a gruff voiceGrowls
Causes an explosion with his fistsDoes something insignificant in slow motionGlares at an ethnic minorityHits a woman then kisses herWalks calmly from an explosion
Takes off his shirtKnocks someone out with one punchHas furious sex in a public placeHas a dark past he's trying to escapeIs an outcast
Survives a fall from a great heightGrowlsJASON STATHAM CLICHE BINGO
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Framed for a crime he didn't commitDisobeys the rules
Holds a gun sidewaysTakes on an entire army and wins with his fistsEats fruit aggressivelyWears a suit to a fightMaintains perfect stubble without shaving
Works out but not in a gymMocks a man's sexualityTakes a punch and spits bloodSays something in a gruff voiceDoes a one leg fly kick
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