No market for Model 3UAWProbably factory fireAutopilot deathsAmbien
Parking lots full of M3Panel GapsRange anxietySeekingAlpha analysisBut cobalt!
Battery degradationFunding securedTESLA SHORT BINGO
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Thermal limiting on racetrackTesla killer
TSLA 5% upTSLA 10% upElectricity from coalDirty electric carElon emotionally fragile
Competition is catching upElon quits TeslaAssembly in a tentTSLA 5% downSaudi Arabia
Dirty electric carElon quits TeslaFine particulate from tiresTesla killerBut lithium!
UnprofitableElon emotionally fragileTSLA 10% downThermal limiting on racetrackProbably factory fire
Assembly in a tentPanel GapsTESLA SHORT BINGO
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Funding securedCompetition is catching up
Tesla burningUnsustainableTSLA 10% upTSLA 5% downAutopilot deaths
Saudi ArabiaSeekingAlpha analysisElon tweetsBut cobalt!Parking lots full of M3