Prize winnerNon-fiction about scienceWritten in the second personMemoir or autobiography of a US political figureLatest book by an author you love
Written under a pseudonymAn author with a disabilityBacklist from an author on your current year favorites listSub-title on the coverRomance
About natureRecommended by a friendANY BOOK
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EpistolaryTitle that's a character's name
Protagonist with a different ethnicity from your ownThat you want to read in spite of the coverThat you want to read because of the coverTold from more than two different points of viewFantasy
MysteryPrize-winning author (but not a prize-winner)Re-readRecommended by a librarianAbout a homecoming
That you want to read in spite of the coverBorrowedWritten in the second personAbout a homecomingRomance
Graphic novelAlready ownNon-human protagonistPerson on the coverMagical realism
Part of a seriesOriginally published in the 19th centuryANY BOOK
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With more than one author listed on the coverWritten under a pseudonym
MysteryMonth or day of the week in the titlePrize winnerAn author of colorRecommended by a librarian
Latest book by an author you loveOriginally published this yearEpistolaryMemoir or autobiographyNon-fiction about science