Angry sore loserExits podium wrong wayWardrobe malfunctionThanks mom or dadIn bathroom when called
Hot unknown datePlayed off by musicPresenter fumbleIntoxicated?Retro hairstyle
Forgets to thank spouseCursingKPCC | 87TH ACADEMY AWARDS, 2015 OSCAR BINGO
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"This is so unexpected"Montage!
Teleprompter failClaps for own nameSlips walking to stageSends proxy to claim award"I didn't write a speech"
Political commentaryFake tearsSpeech written on scrapWins. Cries.Irresponsible use of sequins
"This is so unexpected"Irresponsible use of sequinsAngry sore loser"I didn't write a speech"In bathroom when called
Wins. Cries.Thanks mom or dadMontage!Political commentarySpeech written on scrap
Claps for own nameExits podium wrong wayKPCC | 87TH ACADEMY AWARDS, 2015 OSCAR BINGO
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Sends proxy to claim awardTeleprompter fail
Wardrobe malfunctionPresenter fumbleCursingSlips walking to stageIntoxicated?
Forgets to thank spouseHot unknown dateRetro hairstyleFake tearsPlayed off by music