Audiobook narrated by the authorAudiobook with one narratorPerson on the coverMagical realismWritten in the second person
Re-readPrize winnerSet in the state where you liveTitle that's a character's nameMade into a movie
Recommended by another Book Bingo playerBiographyANY BOOK
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With recipes, patterns or puzzlesAbout food
Originally published within five years of the year you were bornOriginally published in the 20th centurySet in a place you'd like to know more aboutNumber in the titlePrize-winning author (but not a prize-winner)
BorrowedBanned in a country outside the USMonth or day of the week in the titleOne-word titleBlurbed by someone you admire
Set in a place you'd like to know more aboutHistorical fictionRe-readAn author with a disabilitySet in a country you've never visited
Graphic novelSet in a different seasonBorrowedOne-word titleNon-fiction
EpistolaryOriginally published within five years of the year you were bornANY BOOK
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About politicsOriginally published posthumously
Told from more than two different points of viewSet in a different countryOriginally published in the 21st centuryAudiobook narrated by the authorSet in the state where you live
Sub-title on the coverAbout travelBacklist from an author you read for another squareOriginally published this yearOriginally published in the 19th century