Sweeten the potElephant in the roomKnock i out of the parkTalk shopAbsolutely
Run it up the flag poleWipe the slate cleanCircle the wagonswake-up callhigh-res thinking
Whole nine yardsStop and refocusCLICHE BINGO
(free square)
Maximize profitsDown and dirty
Let the chips fall where they mayLead the fieldHands of approachGet the ball rollingState of the art
Quantum shiftTeam playerThe ball is in their courtMarket leaderFind our niche market
Market leaderGet the ball rollingThe cutting edgeHands of approachAll over the map
Down and dirtyWipe the slate cleanLead the fieldTalk shopWhole nine yards
Elephant in the roomKnock i out of the parkCLICHE BINGO
(free square)
high-res thinkingState of the art
Let the chips fall where they mayMaximize profitswake-up callCircle the wagonsAbsolutely
Find our niche marketStop and refocusSweeten the potRun it up the flag poleHit pay dirt
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