Campaign finance reformBlack Lives MatterGood manufacturing jobsGun crimesIncome inequality
Blue Lives MatterNAFTAKoch BrothersReality TVDeath tax
Roger AilesSupport our troopsI'M MOVING TO CANDADA
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Rust beltIn harm's way
HoaxDreamersLaw-abiding gun ownersBeautifulWhitewater
Real AmericanFraudFact-checkFox NewsPolarization
Secure our bordersTax returnEuropean-Style socialismMelaniaGlobal Warming
Income inequalityNuclear codes/Red ButtonObamacareMake America Great AgainHard working
Trickle downEpi-penI'M MOVING TO CANDADA
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In harm's wayTrans-Pacific Partnership
Law-abiding gun ownersPutinEconomy of the futureWhitewaterPneumonia
Trump FoundationMillions of new jobs9/11CasinoChris Christie
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