PatentOmnichannel / Cross ChannelNo-BrainerGap AnalysisSkill set(s)
Mind ShareInnovation / InnovatedPolicy[ies]FunctionalityRamp Up
ReconfigureRun it up the flagpoleBULLSHIT BINGO
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Business PlanBusiness Opportunity
OpportunityBuzzTarget AudienceProjectStatement of Work (SOW)
Sales DrivenRevisitStrategyOfflineFirst to market
PushbackDashboardReuse / ReusabilityHardballB2B
RelevanceOpportunityCritical Path / IssueDiversityPortfolio
Network[ing]Time to MarketBULLSHIT BINGO
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ProcessGame Plan
No-BrainerBack to the drawing boardTop downE-tailersTasked
TouchpointsRevenueContent ManagementCustomer FacingTeam Player
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