Just a child / kidGunman / ShooterLoved comediesMentally ill / SickLoner
Was a good kid[Interviews of people the terrist knows]MistreatedFriendly and/or sociableWas active in community
Quiet/soft spokenHad a dogWHITE PRIVILEGE
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Had non-white friendsHad problems making friends
[Photo of terrorist as 5 year old]Had a bright futureTroubledDid well in schoolReally, really was a good kid
Smart[Parents crying on TV]Loved pizzaMisunderstoodHad no previous record
TroubledReally, really was a good kidMentally ill / SickHad no previous recordMistreated
SmartLoved pizzaMisunderstood[Parents crying on TV]Was a good kid
LonerWas active in communityWHITE PRIVILEGE
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Loved comedies[Interviews of people the terrist knows]
Had non-white friendsJust a child / kidFriendly and/or sociableDid well in schoolGunman / Shooter
Had a dogQuiet/soft spokenHad a bright futureEnjoyed ____Had problems making friends
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