Dramatic Slow MotionSomeone Thrown Out The AirlockBlue FilterCannon FodderSub-Par Employee Motivation Skills
Personal VendettaFlirtatious RogueNaive TraineeDeus Ex-MachinaExpert With An Outdated Weapon
HologramHoverbots Of Public SafetyI HAVE A BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS
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Ancient Earth Mystery Attributed To AliensMad Scientist On A Mission
Long-Winded ExpositionUnnecessary Cleavage ShotCrappy CGICutting Random WiresDevice That Kills You And Hurts The Whole Time You're Dying
Sudden BetrayalCorrupt PoliceClonesTechno-BabbleEscape Pod
Mad Scientist On A MissionRed FilterPersonal VendettaIncompetent HenchmenHero Gets Maimed
Heroic Motivational SpeechPlanet With A Single ClimateWilhelm Scream"Explain It In English!"Naive Trainee
Self Destruct Stopped With Seconds To GoSubtle RacismI HAVE A BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS
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Hoverbots Of Public SafetyGreen Women
British People From SpaceSomeone Charges In Half CockedRadiation Gave Us Mutations Or MonstersExotic Wildlife"We Have To Save Them!"
Female Shows Her MidriffVillain Has Magic PowersHologramSound Travels In SpaceClones
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