Alien With Ridiculous NameHoverbots Of Public SafetyVillain Has Magic PowersExotic WildlifeIt Was All A Dream (Or Simulation)
Laser BattleMad Scientist On A MissionExpert With An Outdated WeaponCutting Random WiresSomeone Attempts To Blow Up A Planet
Dramatic Slow MotionDidn't Check If They Were DeadI HAVE A BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS
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Corrupt PoliceRed Filter
Green WomenClonesRag-Tag Bunch Of Rebels"We Have To Save Them!"Planet With A Single Climate
Naive TraineeRadiation Gave Us Mutations Or MonstersUnnecessary Cleavage Shot"Explain It In English!"Crappy CGI
Cutting Random WiresPhysics Doesn't Work Like ThatDramatic Slow MotionUnnecessary Cleavage ShotRed Filter
Blue FilterRadiation Gave Us Mutations Or MonstersCrappy CGIAlien With Ridiculous NameFlirtatious Rogue
Wilhelm ScreamExpert With An Outdated WeaponI HAVE A BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS
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Didn't Check If They Were DeadPersonal Vendetta
Planet With A Single ClimateChess-Inspired GameSpace FascistsSuspended AnimationIncompetent Henchmen
Turns Out To Be Earth All AlongJesus AllegoryEvil Corporate EntitySomeone In An Access HatchSelf Destruct Stopped With Seconds To Go
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