Someone Thrown Out The AirlockIt Was All A Dream (Or Simulation)Self-Aware Robots Or ComputersUnauthorized Medical ExperimentsPhysics Doesn't Work Like That
Sub-Par Employee Motivation SkillsSudden BetrayalSomeone Charges In Half CockedHero With A Tortured Back Story"Explain It In English!"
Wilhelm ScreamExotic WildlifeI HAVE A BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS
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Didn't Check If They Were DeadChess-Inspired Game
Tattooed Bad AssTime TravelRadiation Gave Us Mutations Or MonstersExpert With An Outdated WeaponAncient Earth Mystery Attributed To Aliens
Parallel Worlds or TimelinesCannon FodderHero Gains Conveniently Timed Super PowerCrash LandingDeus Ex-Machina
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