HOWLERMONKEY: A radio transceiver for exploiting systems.OCEAN: Optical Collection System for Computer Screens.JETPLOW: A firmware backdoor for Cisco firewalls.ECHELON: Interception and content inspection of communications.TOTEGHOSTLY: Full remote control of Window Mobile phones.
MONTANA: Tools to compromise Juniper Networks routers.HEADWATER: A firmware backdoor into Huawai routers.DIETYBOUNCE: Dell BIOS backdoor.DROPOUTJEEP: Software implant for the Apple iPhone.LIFESAFER: Imaging of the Hard Drive.
RADON: Bi-directional Ethernet host tap.WATERWITCH: Tool for finding the exact location of nearby handsets.NSA CAPABILITIES BINGO
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SURLYSPAWN: Remote RF keystroke monitor.STELLARWIND: Data mining the communications of American citizens.
DROPMIRE: Passive collection using antenna.BLACKHEART: Collection from an FBI Implant.FEEDTHROUGH: Software that penetrates Juniper Networks firewalls.IRONCHEF: BIOS malware that communicates with RF implants.GENIE: Multi-stage operation: jumping the airgap etc.
FIREWALK: Fake RJ45 socket that allows monitoring via RF.BULLDOZER: Hidden wireless bridge for remote control.MONKEYCALENDAR: Sends a mobile phone's location by text message.GOPHERSET: Controls phone remotely via SIM card.MINERALIZE: Collection from LAN Implant.
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