Works out but not in a gymIs an outcastDisobeys the rulesHits a woman then kisses herEats fruit aggressively
Takes off his shirtTakes a kick and spits bloodGrowlsTakes a punch and spits bloodMocks a man's sexuality
Glares at an ethnic minorityHas furious sex in a public placeJASON STATHAM CLICHE BINGO
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Drives a car aggressivelySays something in a gruff voice
Does something insignificant in slow motionHas a dark past he's trying to escapeMaintains perfect stubble without shavingWears a suit to a fightHolds a gun sideways
Walks calmly from an explosionDoes a one leg fly kickSurvives an epic car crashHas a suspect accentKnocks someone out with one punch
Walks calmly from an explosionDrives a car aggressivelyEats fruit aggressivelyWorks out but not in a gymSurvives a fall from a great height
Takes off his shirtMaintains perfect stubble without shavingHolds a gun sidewaysCauses an explosion with his fistsTakes a punch and spits blood
Knocks someone out with one punchWears a suit to a fightJASON STATHAM CLICHE BINGO
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Has a suspect accentDoes something insignificant in slow motion
Framed for a crime he didn't commitHas a dark past he's trying to escapeIs an outcastSurvives an epic car crashHits a woman then kisses her
Does a one leg fly kickTakes a kick and spits bloodGrowlsDisobeys the rulesSays something in a gruff voice
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