Down and dirtyMaximize profitsState of the artThe cutting edgeSweeten the pot
Firing on all cylindersHit pay dirtTeam playerFind our niche marketCircle the wagons
wake-up callElephant in the roomCLICHE BINGO
(free square)
high-res thinkingWhole nine yards
Stop and refocusThe ball is in their courtTalk shopGet everybody on the same pageHands of approach
All over the mapRun it up the flag poleAbsolutelyThe big boysMarket leader
Team playerCircle the wagonsHit pay dirtLead the fieldMarket leader
Quantum shiftGet everybody on the same pageDown and dirtyWipe the slate cleanMaximize profits
Find our niche marketSweeten the potCLICHE BINGO
(free square)
wake-up callAbsolutely
Elephant in the roomTalk shopState of the artRun it up the flag poleLet the chips fall where they may
Whole nine yardsKnock i out of the parkGet the ball rollingStop and refocushigh-res thinking
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