Knock i out of the parkFind our niche marketWipe the slate cleanHands of approachThe big boys
Quantum shiftRun it up the flag poleWhole nine yardsSweeten the potGet everybody on the same page
Let the chips fall where they mayStop and refocusCLICHE BINGO
(free square)
Maximize profitsTeam player
State of the arthigh-res thinkingAll over the mapTalk shopDown and dirty
The cutting edgeMarket leaderCircle the wagonsGet the ball rollingLead the field
Quantum shiftWhole nine yardsFiring on all cylindersState of the artRun it up the flag pole
Team playerThe ball is in their courtElephant in the roomAbsolutelyThe cutting edge
Get everybody on the same pageLead the fieldCLICHE BINGO
(free square)
Maximize profitsLet the chips fall where they may
Wipe the slate cleanCircle the wagonsTalk shopMarket leaderSweeten the pot
Get the ball rollingFind our niche marketwake-up callDown and dirtyAll over the map
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