ValueAt the end of the dayOne Stop ShopBack to the drawing boardTarget Audience
LegacyCenter of ExcellenceMission CriticalExposureSecret sauce
No-BrainerBenefit analysisBUZZWORD BINGO
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Out of the [Box | Loop]Scenario[s]
Vertical MarketSkill set(s)ScaleAutomatedCustomer Centric
PatentPhaseCollaborate / CollaborationAction Item / Action ItCutting Edge
ReinvigorateTaskedPerformanceRaising the BarStatement of Work (SOW)
Multitask[ing]StrategizeAction Item / Action ItFacilitateKnowledge Transfer
EcosystemDynamicBUZZWORD BINGO
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Herding CatsCustomer Facing
FocusedIssuesTeam PlayerMission CriticalBrain Storm / Mind Shower
Level Playing FieldDemographicBottom upPrioritizedSkill set(s)
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