Open SourceRetentionCore Competency / Core CompetenciesNon-Traditional ManagementSustainable
LeverageSticky-nessCircle BackSeamlessCadence Call
Application Service Provider (ASP)PortalBULLSHIT BINGO
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Solution(s)On Board
Omnichannel / Cross ChannelTouch BaseSoup to nuts 24/7Run it up the flagpoleKnowledge Transfer
TechnologiesCritical Path / IssueUser FriendlyRamp UpSynergy / Synergies
Win-winReinvent[ing] the wheelGo to marketVirtual / VirtualizationMilestone
LegacyCircle the wagonsGranularProjectDeliverable[s]
Wow FactorOff Site MeetingBULLSHIT BINGO
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ReactivationBall Park
Center of ExcellenceEngageKnowledge TransferCustomer CentricRobust
Asset[s]On BoardBenefit analysisRelevanceAutomated
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