My kids are the most important thing in my life!It's not a real family if you don't have children.The best thing in the world I ever did was have kids.Your child could cure cancer!You don't love your partner if you won't give him/her children.
I feel so sorry for you. You're missing out.Just wait until you have kids of your own.But you're so smart!Someday you'll meet someone who'll change your mind.You'll regret it when you're older.
I said I didn't want kids when I was young, but I changed my mind.It's unnatural not to want to have children.BABY BINGO
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You're just selfish.You childhater!
What do your parents think about no grandkids?It's all worth it in the end.Oh, well, you never know. "Accidents" happenYou'll change your mind once you have one.Your children would be so beautiful/smart/talented!
Who will take care of you when you're old?What if your parents thought the same way?You should have a kid. Your race isn't having enough kids. You'll be outnumbered!But you'd make such a good parent!You must have had a horrible childhood.
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