In the paintPaint presenceGame changerString musicAll airport team
The rockThe treyBasketball IQPick and popLace ëem up
And oneAthleticismBASKETBALL BINGO
(free square)
The blow-byLittle kiss
X-factorThe puppiesTake it to the rackAll Windex teamFundamentals
In the painted areaVerticalityBack doorThe little dishTake it to the rim
The treyMissed the bunnyAthleticismVerticalityIn the paint
Paint presenceAll Windex teamDiaper dandyPhysicality3-ball
In the painted areaWindow cleanerBASKETBALL BINGO
(free square)
Prime time playerThe little dish
Basketball IQLace ëem upThe bigsAll airport teamTake it to the rack
Eye candyString musicTake it to the rimThe rockThe Big fella
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