Villain has a GoateeEthnic minority sidekickHacks into Government filesBad guy is GermanGood guy realizes he loves ex-wife
Walking away from explosions and not looking backHero has sex at inappropriate timeGood guy is missed by hundreds of bulletsCar that doesn't start on first tryGovernment official turns out to be evil
Cop close to retirementGuns that don't need reloadingACTION MOVIE CLICHE BINGO
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Annoying character becomes heroSomeone in a Ventilation Duct
Someone has an eye patchInappropriate suit wearingGood guy sustains lots of injuries and survivesSurvives big fall without parachuteRandom objects explode
Person slides under closing doorNosy JournalistHero kicks down a doorFruit cart is knocked overGood guy beats up group of baddies one at a time
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