HardballDeadlinesReverse EngineerFault TolerantBest of Breed
AgendaIntegrationTractionAggregateGo Live
Cross SellReinvigorateBULLSHIT BINGO
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Customer OrientedCollaborate / Collaboration
Re-engagementMarketing / Promotional CollateralTotal Quality [or] Quality DrivenIssuesSoup to nuts 24/7
PopupOff Site MeetingVision statementOut of the [Box | Loop]Business Plan
Web 2.0 / 3.0Reach outOn the back endBrand[ing]Grow
GreenConversionCustomer ServiceLead The Field / Occupy The FieldScope
Action Item / Action ItPortalBULLSHIT BINGO
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AdvantageLaser-focusedReinvigorateAsset[s]Reuse / Reusability
Knowledge Base30,000 foot viewDiversityTurnkeyInitial Assessment
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