AdvantageDashboardStreamlineLeadershipIn a Nutshell
Re-engagementSoup to nuts 24/7Google JuiceEyeballsNegotiated
EmailCritical Path / IssueBULLSHIT BINGO
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Content ManagementGoal orientedAsset[s]BuzzGoal[s]
PatentPopupAgendaAgnosticGo to market
RevisitCadence CallNon-Traditional ManagementHeavy liftingProactive
First to marketETATractionEmailReinvigorate
Market LeaderSynergy / SynergiesBULLSHIT BINGO
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PerformanceApplication Service Provider (ASP)
Real-TimeNegotiatedCustomer ServiceOut SourceAt the end of the day
CompetitiveNew EconomyMission CriticalMindsetWeb 2.0 / 3.0
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